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What “Freakys” are

Freakys are easy to apply style-kits giving you the possibility to style almost all your shoes quickly, easily & personally!

For open & closed shoes

There are two types of “Freakys” available: For open & closed shoes. Both “Freakys” have the same purpose: Style your shoes! However, their structure and how they are applied are completely different. Find out more on this page.

Made of:

All Freakys are made from conventional, organic (GOTS certified) or second-hand textile. This allows us to protect you and the environment partly from harmful substances (such as pesticides).


Made in:

“Freakys” are handmade in Germany in an environmentally conscious manner with a lot of care and quality. Every pair of “Freakys” leaving our company is not just a product to pimp your shoe’s style. It is also an expression of modern lifestyle and your fashion.

We are sure you will love “Freakys” as much as we do and we are excited about styling your shoes as well!



On almost all shoes

“Freakys” can be easily attached on almost all shoes. For example, on sandals, ballerinas, pumps, slip-ons, flip-flops, sneakers, boots, …

To cover the widest possible selection of shoes, we have developed two different types of “Freakys”.

“Freakys” for closed shoes with detachable sole get ironed and “Freakys” for open shoes get sticked onto your shoe.

For open and closed shoes

With our “Freakys” you can style open and closed shoes. Everything is completely relaxed with the techniques we have developed.

With the style-kit for open shoes and for sneakers you are on the right track to make your shoes wonderful!

Whether sneaker or high heel. With us you can easily attach your style to (almost) every shoe!


How it works

How you apply your “Freakys” onto your shoes depends on what kind of shoe you want to style. In our tutorials we explain in detail how to do it.

“Freakys” open shoes have a sticky layer on one side to stick them onto the footbed of your shoes. Like this you can style (almost) every open shoe you want (sandals, slip-ons, flip flops, ballerinas, high heels, mules, …).

Since the insole of these shoes varies from shoe to shoe, we also supply a new applicator-set with every pair of “open-shoe”-“Freakys”. So it’s very easy to apply “Freakys” on shoes you want to style.

“Freakys” for closed shoes are ironed on your shoe sole and then cut into shape. In a few minutes you have styled shoes! In the development of these “Freakys”, besides a simple handling, a quick attachment was important to us. This works with all closed shoes, where you can take out the insole.

With our easy-styling-concept you style closed shoes super fast! Insole out, put the iron on it and your “Freakys” already keep firmly on the sole!


What you’ll get

From us you not only receive your pair of handmade “Freakys”, but also a lifestyle!

We at FreakyManilas® are happy people who are proud to be able to deliver you a great product. Knowing that you will love what your shoes look like with “Freakys” makes us very happy!

There are other cool things in the packaging for “Freakys” as well …

For open shoes:

  • your pair of “Freakys”
  • an applicator
  • a “freaky chalk”
  • a repair kit
  • and of course a manual

For closed shoes:

  • your pair of “Freakys”
  • manual
right size

Try & personalize

Your style is very important to us! With our “Freakys” we want to show that personal taste & cool style also go with shoes!

Crazy, hip, simple, classic … Surely you will also find the perfect pattern for your shoe!